TA-Lib : Technical Analysis Library

This page relates only to the open-source versions of TA-Lib.

You can browse the latest code online.


Contributors should visit and use the TA-Lib Forum for questions and bug report.


Concurrent development is handled using SVN on SourceForge. If you have a SVN client installed, you can have an anonymous read access to the repository ( more here ). Request for write access are done on the Forum.


Additional documentation: How-to add a technical analysis function


Open-Source Release History and Roadmap

TA-Lib in development since 1999 and is now extremely stable and time tested. Release are now rarer.

Open Source version of TA-Lib starts with a zero. Derived commercial product uses an independent version scheme.

The next 0.5 release will take place only after the community adds at least 10 new technical analysis functions or a major bug is found.

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License rules for contributors

The "TA-Lib BSD License" is before all intended to protect all the contributors from any liabilities and should be found at the top of every files where an individual or legal entity put their name.

The "TA-Lib BSD License" is also intended to keep the project accessible to a large audience, including commercial and/or closed-source projects.


List of contributors is preserved at the top of the source code in the "Contributors/History" sections. Contributors can mention an e-mail or website in the contributors section.


TA-Lib™ is a registered trademark.


A few of the products using the open source TA-Lib

The following products use whole or parts of the open source portion of TA-Lib.
These products are developed and distributed independently.

Advanced Stock Tracker Web-based application for keeping track of stocks.
Dukascopy Currency (FOREX) Trading Platform
EclipseTrader Focused to the building of an online stock trading system, featuring pricing watch, charts with technical analysis indicators, level II/market depth view, news watching, and integrated trading.
NexTick Open-source daytrader tool focusing on usability and simplicity. Java base.
 Personal Stock Streamer  Quotes, portfolio management, reports, indicators and scripting.(DTLink Software).
  Qtstalker Qtstalker is a user friendly Technical Analysis package for GNU/Linux.
 TA-Lib MATLAB Toolbox  Open-source MATLAB API for TA-Lib.
  Thinking Stuff Automated trading platform. Build strategies by selecting and adapting rules with mouse clicks instead of using a script language. Supports Oanda
  Tradery.com A free online trading community. Back test and optionally share strategies with others.
  Trade Strategist Create and Test trading strategy for Mac OS X.
(Tell us when you are using TA-Lib in your product. It is highly appreciated)