TA-Lib : Technical Analysis Library

TA-Lib Pro Excel Features

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Click here to download the MSI installation file. Run it on your system.

After the installation is completed, launch Excel. You will be prompt to enter the License on the first calculation or when changing the TA-Lib options. Enter your license key to enable full functionality. Trial will work for 30 days.


Installation will overwrite previous version. Launch Excel and recalculate your spreadsheets. For licensed user, there is no need to re-enter the License Key.


Using TA-Lib

Here is a step-by-step example for adding a 5 days Simple Moving Average (SMA) of the open price of a stock.

Demo Step 1

Step 1 - Select Output Location

All TA functions are array formula. You must first select where the output is to be placed. In this example, we want the function to be located at F2 to F30. Once you select the output range, either start typing the formula or start the function wizard.
Demo Step 2 Step 2 - Select TA-Lib Function
Start the function wizard (press the 'Fx' icon by the formula edit box). Select the function category [TA-Lib Overlap Studies], and then select TA_SMA. Press OK.
Demo Step 3 Step 3 - Specify Function Arguments
Click on 'InputRange'. Select the open prices located at B2 to B30. The input size must match the output size you did in Step 1. Click on 'TimePeriod'. Type '5'.
Press OK.
Demo Step 4 Step 4 - Transform to {Array Formula}
This step is very important. Before doing anything else, click on the formula in the edit box and press CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER. This will add braces '{}' around the formula and make it an "array formula". As needed, read the Excel Help for how to enter or modify Array Formula.

You now have the SMA function completed in column F.

What are the differences between the open-source and pro version?

Both share the same source code for the technical analysis function. The Pro versions integrates better with Excel to allow more compatibility, features and a simpler installation.


  Ta-Lib Pro Excel TA-Lib Open-Source
Easy Windows Installer Yes No
Excel Integrated Option Dialog Yes No
Excel 2007 Large Grid Support Yes No
Calculation order option Yes No
Unstable Period Minimization Yes No
E-mail support Yes No
Source Code No Yes
Free No Yes


TA-Lib open-source requires Visual Studio or additional Microsoft Redistributable to be installed on the end-user machine and is not suitable to non-developers.

Option Dialog

TA-Lib pro is configurable directly from the Excel interface from a convenient single dialog (See on the left). The settings are automatically preserved between Excel sessions.

How to open the Option Dialog

For Excel 2007 and newer, select the "Add-Ins" Ribbon and the TA-Lib button to open the option dialog.

For older Excel version, you can select the "TA-Lib Options..." from the tools menu.


How To Uninstall

Activate the Control Panel, double click Add/Remove Programs (for Vista users click Uninstall a program), click the "TA-Lib Pro Excel" entry in the list of programs, and click Remove or Uninstall.
Vista Uninstall